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Fic: The Doctor Is In [18/21]

October 21st, 2009 (05:16 pm)

Chapter Eighteen of The Doctor Is In

Chapter Sixteen
| Chapter Seventeen

“And now for the bad news,” McCoy said as he led Uhura and Joanna into his quarters.  “Joanna and I are heading back to Georgia on the next transport.  We have to pack up her stuff and clear out within forty-eight hours.”


Joanna grabbed onto Uhura’s hand.  “You can come with us!”


Uhura and McCoy exchanged uneasy glances.


Uhura squeezed Joanna’s hand in return.  “I think this is something that you and your father should do by yourselves.”


Joanna sighed.  “And I guess Mommy would be pretty mad if she came home and you were there.”


“Exactly.  But I’ll be here waiting for you when you get back,” Uhura replied.


McCoy packed a bag for himself and Joanna.  “Come on, baby.  Uncle Jim is going to take us to the station.”


Joanna gave Uhura the biggest hug that she could muster.  “Bye, Nyota!  Don’t be too sad.  Daddy says that we’ll be back in time for the party and that I get to wear my red dress to it!”


Uhura hugged her back.  “I’ll miss you the entire time.”


There was a knock on the door.  “Doctor and Ensign McCoy!  Let’s go!  I’ve got like, three days of Vulcan loving to catch up on!” Kirk called.  “We gotta catch that midnight train to Georgia!” he added, singing the old twentieth century hit.


Joanna giggled, waved to Nyota, and skipped outside to talk to her Uncle Jim.


McCoy took Uhura into his arms.  “And what about me, will you miss me?”


She shrugged.  “You can’t exactly miss what you’ve never had,” she teased before nipping at his lower lip.


He groaned and kissed along her neck.  “I’ve got it all planned out.  Joanna and I will get back in time for the party, you and I are going to have a great time, and after…”


“Twenty-four hour lockdown?”


“At least.”


Uhura giggled and kissed him deeply.  “Any time for a quickie?”


He smirked.  “Even if I did – and sweet Lord, I wish I did – our first time will not be rushed.”  He kissed up her jaw and then lowered his voice as he whispered, “I’m going to take my time on you.”


She practically fainted from the jolt between her legs.


“Doctor, you better get out of here before I do something drastic and quickie-like.”


An amused smile fell onto McCoy’s lips.  “You wouldn’t…”  He glanced down and noticed that his pants were already unbuttoned.  “How did you…?”


She grinned.  “I’m just that good.”  She stole another kiss.  “Now get going so you can come back sooner.”


McCoy matched her grin as he redid his pants.  “Aye, Lieutenant.  See you soon.”




As McCoy was checking for their transport landing pad, Joanna pulled on his shirt.


“Daddy, can I borrow twenty credits?”


“What for?”


Joanna pointed at one of the stands set up in the station.  “There’s a ‘make your own’ necklace stand over there.  I wanna get the red and black and silver set and make it for Nyota.”


He smiled, despite the fact that they should’ve been on their landing pad about ten minutes ago.  “Let’s go grab it fast, we have a transport to catch.”


In record time, they ran over to the stand, purchased the necklace making kit, and boarded their transport about ten minutes before it was supposed to leave.


McCoy stored their bags in the overheard compartment before settling down next to his daughter.


Joanna was sorting though the bag of beads and cord and frowning.  She picked up the red and black pendant that was intended to be the center and focus of the necklace.  Her frown deepened.  “Daddy, what if Nyota doesn’t like it?”


He wrapped an arm around his daughter.  “She’s going to love it.  First, because you made it just for her.  And second, I know that red is her favorite color.”


“Whoa, really? I just picked red because of her dress.”


McCoy kissed the top of his daughter’s head.




After the hour and a half transport, McCoy and Joanna caught a cab back to Jocelyn’s house.


Well, the house that he used to own. 


This used to be his house.  His home.


He gritted his teeth as he slipped the key into the lock.  He expected awful memories to rush at him.  Drown him.


But it was fine.


Jocelyn had changed the color, furniture, and decorations in all of the rooms.


He didn’t even recognize the place.


The neutral color that ran throughout the house; the color of relaxation and familiarity; the color that a man could come home to, take off his shoes, and spend time with his family; that color was gone.


Everywhere you looked there was a vivid red or purple or gold.


There was so much color he had to sit down.


Joanna sensed that something was wrong with her daddy, so she crawled into his lap and laid her head on his chest.  “What’s wrong?”


He shook his head.  “I just haven’t been here in so long.  And this used to be our house, baby.  Now it just feels like your mother’s.  And only hers.”


She snuggled deeper against her father’s chest.  “It’s okay.  Cause now you live on an even cooler house.”


“No, we live on an even cooler house.”


Joanna let out a yawn but nodded.  “I’m sleepy.”


McCoy yawned as well.  “Same, baby.  I think we ought to call it a night.”


“Okay.  Tuck me in?”


“Of course.”


McCoy managed to heave himself off of the couch, take his little girl into his arms, and navigate her back to her bedroom.


Once he placed her in her bed, he took some time to glance around the room.  There really wasn’t much to see.


The bedroom was sparse – much sparser than a seven-year-old’s room should be.  Instead of mounds of toys and dolls, there were only a few scattered around the light pink room.


“Joanna, where are the rest of your toys?”


She looked at him, equal parts confused and sleepy.  “What rest?”


He frowned.  “Don’t you have like, an entire room of toys?”


“…no.  Should I?”


“Bitch,” he cursed softly, pissed that Jocelyn had denied their daughter so much.  He kissed his daughter on the forehead.  “Goodnight, baby.  I have good news.  Since you don’t have a lot of stuff, you’ll be able to take all of it on board the Enterprise.”


She smiled happily before fluttering her eyes closed.  “Good.  I want to show Nyota all of my stuffed animals.  Night, Daddy.”


McCoy rose from the bed, moved to the door, and flicked off the lights the old fashioned way.


He grabbed a pillow and blanket from the closet and returned to the couch in the family room.


After making his makeshift bed, he settled in and pulled out his PADD.


This house is weird.  I need to get the hell out of here.  He smirked as he sent the message to Uhura.


Less than a minute later, a bing sounded and he opened up her message.  You’re still there?  Packing all of Joanna’s stuff can’t take that long, right?  …I’m kidding.  Take your time.


He frowned again as he wrote back.  Actually, it won’t.  There isn’t much to pack.  She didn’t have many toys and her clothes don’t take up much room.


…isn’t a little girl supposed to have like, two rooms of toys? Uhura replied.


You would think so, but apparently Jocelyn didn’t think that she needed many.




Tell me about it.


Let’s talk about happier things, her message read.  I miss you.  And I miss Joanna.  This is the first time in practically a week that I haven’t slept with a McCoy.


He chuckled aloud and then clapped a hand over his mouth.  Just focus on what will happen after the party.  In two days, at this time…


Don’t even tease me like that.  You cruel man.


I miss you, too.  Is Chapel even keeping you company?


Ha!  No.  She’s having one of her late-night stargazing sessions with Malex.


Well, at least you have the room to yourself, he reasoned.


All by myself…my hair down…


…are you wearing those shorts?


…I am not having PADD sex with you.  ;D


That’s not what I meant and you know it.


I know.  But yes, shorts are on.


McCoy groaned happily from just the thought of her legs resting inside those shorts.  Tell Scotty to beam me over, I can’t take it anymore.


Patience, Doctor.  Patience.


I think I better get to bed before I start walking back to San Francisco.


Good idea.  Goodnight, Leo.


Goodnight, Nyota.






Around 0900 hours, Joanna jumped onto her father.  “Wake up, Daddy!  I need breakfast!”


He lifted a single eyelid and grinned.  “Does your mother have a replicator here?”


“Yes, but I want some real breakfast.”


“You’re going to have to get used to replicators on the Enterprise, baby.”


“I know, but for now, let’s have real food!”


He nodded.  “Alright.”  He picked up his PADD and searched through some local restaurants.  “Are pancakes good for you?”


“I love pancakes!”


“Good.”  He typed in the order and set down the PADD.  “Okay, baby.  Let’s get started packing.  The sooner we finish, the sooner we can get home to Nyota and Uncle Jim...”


He had just called Starfleet home, didn’t he? 


Weird.  For the past three and a half years he hadn’t called anything home.  He didn’t have a home, as far as he was concerned.  Starfleet was where he was located, but it wasn’t a home, per se.


Seemed like coming back to the house he left all those years ago really cemented the fact that he had moved on.




After packing one large suitcase with all of Joanna’s clothes, the doorbell rang.


McCoy tapped over twenty credits for a warm box of pancakes.


The two sat on Joanna’s floor, laughing and seeing how many pancakes they could stuff in their mouths at one time.  Joanna, surprisingly, was completely dominating her father in pancake eating.


She giggled after finishing her half of the box.  “I’ve really missed you, Daddy.  Mommy would never do things like this with me.”


He smiled softly at her.  “Well, you’re stuck with me now, baby.  I hope that you don’t get sick of me.”


“If I get sick of you, there’s always Nyota and Sulu and Uncle Jim and Spock…and Chekov.”  She grinned.  “But I love you, Daddy.”  She scooted over and wrapped her arms around her father.


He placed a protective arm around her in return and kissed the top of her head.  “I love you, too, Joanna.  Now come on, let’s pack up your bedding and toys and get out of here.”




Almost twenty-four hours after they had left San Francisco, McCoy and Joanna were returning.


As they stepped out of the transport, they saw Uhura, Kirk, Spock, Sulu, and Chekov all waiting for them on the lower level.  Joanna waved to them like crazy and then practically flew down the stairs to see them.


Joanna picked Uhura to hug first, throwing her arms around the communication officer’s neck and giggling happily as Uhura picked her up into a hug.  “Nyota, I have something for you!”


Uhura grinned.  “Besides bringing your daddy back safely?”


“Mmmhmmm.  And I hope you like it.  I made it myself, even though Daddy bought it.”  Joanna reached into her pocket and very carefully pulled out the finished necklace.


“Oh my…Joanna.  It’s beautiful.”


“So you like it?!  Daddy said that you would,” Joanna said, taking the liberty to clasp the necklace around Uhura’s neck.


Uhura smiled widely and then kissed Joanna on the cheek.  “I love it.  And it’s a combination of all of my favorite colors.”


Joanna gasped.  “Wow, I’m good.”


Kirk cleared his throat.  “I hate to break up this touching moment, but I got you something, Ensign McCoy.  Well, all of us pitched in, but really, mostly me.”  Kirk pulled a big box from behind his back and presented it to Joanna.


Uhura placed Joanna back on the ground and Joanna ran over to examine the box.  “That’s a…oh man…is that...no way…UNCLE JIM YOU ARE THE BEST!” she shouted and tackled him into a hug.


McCoy finally reached the party and eyed the box.  It was a small, but to-scale replica of the USS Enterprise.  “Jim, are your paternal instincts kicking in?”


Kirk scoffed.  “What’s the point in having a niece if you can’t spoil her rotten?  Besides, you said that she didn’t have a lot of toys.  I figured that she could use one that was more appropriate to her new home.”


Joanna giggled.  “It’s the best, Uncle Jim!  I can’t wait to open it.  I’m gonna be the captain.”


He smiled.  “As you should be, Ensign McCoy.  Every future captain needs a smaller craft to practice on.”


As Joanna carried on about her future Starfleet plans, McCoy greeted Uhura with a deep kiss.  “I’m getting soft.  A man shouldn’t miss someone so much in twenty-four hours.”


She smiled into the next kiss.  “Then I’m getting soft, too.”


“Talk about infatuation.”


“Talk about infatuation mixed with three different cock blocks.  Speaking of…”


He shook his head.  “Not tonight.  Joanna wants to introduce you to all of her stuffed animals.  Sorry about that.”


She laughed.  “I’ll survive.  I do have a surprise for you, though.  I had the maintenance staff repair the other bed in your room so Joanna has a place to sleep.”


“Stop being so amazing, I can’t keep up with you.  Say, why don’t you just bunk with us for the rest of leave?  I’m sure that Joanna wouldn’t mind sharing her bed, if needed.  And I know that I certainly won’t protest if you just had to end up slipping into mine.”  He smirked.  “I hear that seven-year-olds kick.”


She responded by kissing the side of his mouth.  “Sounds like a plan.  Also, tomorrow night, Kirk and Spock are willing to babysit.”


“…are you serious?  Kirk?”


“I’m serious.  Kirk likes being an uncle.  And also, I know that those two didn’t stop having sex like, the entire time that you were gone.  One of them has to need a break.”


McCoy slapped a hand to his face.  “Dear Lord, too much information.”


She giggled and then Joanna skipped up to them clutching her box.  “Daddy, let’s go home.”


He nodded.  “Let’s go, baby.”


It was a funny little parade that left the transport station.  Chekov and Sulu were leading the way, each carrying a box of Joanna’s possessions and cracking jokes; Kirk came next, holding Joanna and her Enterprise; Spock following, rolling the suitcase of Joanna’s clothes and looking strangely pleased; and Uhura and Bones took the rear, smiling at each other, one hand from each clasped warmly in the other’s.


A funny little parade; but the beginnings of a funny little family.

Chapter Nineteen