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Fic: The Doctor Is In [19/21]

October 21st, 2009 (05:20 pm)

Chapter Nineteen of The Doctor Is In

Chapter Seventeen | Chapter Eighteen


Joanna McCoy spent the rest of the night introducing Uhura to each of her stuffed animals.


“And this one,” she said, holding up a giraffe, “is Spots!  And that’s all of them.”  Joanna beamed and looked over at her bed.  “Nyota, I don’t think we can sleep together.  My animals took your spot.  You’re going to have to sleep with Daddy.”


McCoy, who had been spacing out for the last few hours, was suddenly very interested in the conversation.  “What’s that, baby?”


Joanna giggled.  “I said, Nyota has to sleep with you, Daddy.”


He grinned.  “I can make that kind of sacrifice.”


Half an hour later, everyone was in pajamas and ready for bed.


Joanna hugged and kissed both of the adults goodnight, jumped into bed, cuddled up with Spots, and promptly fell asleep.


McCoy climbed into bed and held up the covers for Uhura.  She gratefully snuggled up next to him.


“This is much better,” she whispered, tracing her fingers over his chest.


He sighed in agreement before pressing his lips to hers.


She smirked into the kiss and responded by slipping her hand under his pants and brushing her hand over his boxers, making sure that she skimmed over his groin.


“Dammit, Nyota…what are the chances that your room is free?  We can call Sulu and Chekov…”


“Patience, Doctor.  Patience,” she teased and brushed her hand again.  “Only, what, twenty-four hours?”


He groaned.  “But we’re actually together.”


“…in the same room as your daughter.”


“Minor set back.”


She nipped at his lower lip.  “Looks like we are condemned to kissing tonight.”


“Well that depends,” he added, sliding his hand up her leg, under her shorts and panties, and squeezing her ass gently.


“Not fair,” she replied, narrowing her eyes but still grinning.  “What happened to you wanting to take your time on me?”


“There is a serious difference when you say that as you’re leaving and then when you’re lying next to me in those goddamn short shorts.”


“Good things come to those who wait,” she said, tracing his finger over his semi-tented boxer fabric.


He bit back a groan and then raised an eyebrow at her.  “Excuse me; weren’t you just playing the fairness card?”


Uhura laughed.  “Okay, fine.  Neither of us will touch each other inappropriately tonight.  That way we both win.”


McCoy frowned. “I feel like we both lose, actually.”


“You were right.  We shouldn’t rush this.”


He laughed as they repositioned themselves into more demure positions.  “The one time we aren’t cock blocked, we don’t have sex.  What the hell is wrong with us?”


She shook her head before laying it back on his chest.  “I don’t know.”






“Don’t tell Jim.”


“Wouldn’t dream of it.”




The day passed quickly: a late brunch, a quick trip to the park (Joanna insisted that McCoy push Uhura on the swings), and then it was time to get ready for the party.


Joanna, per her request, took her red Starfleet dress from her room and followed Uhura back to her original quarters to get ready.


“So why can’t we all get ready together?” Uhura asked.


“Because.  Daddy can’t see you until the party!  It has to be special.  Duh.”


Uhura chuckled.  “Oh, I see.”


“Will you curl my hair like yours?” Joanna asked, pulling off her blue dress and changing into the red.


“Of course, sweetie.”  Uhura pulled out her curling iron and turned it on.


Uhura curled Joanna’s hair and then pulled out her dress uniform from the closet.


Very similar to her regular uniform style, the dress uniform was made of delicate red satin with fancy silver trim on the cuffs, neckline, and hem.


She carefully slipped the dress on and let Joanna zip up the back.  Then she pulled out the shiny metal operations badge and attached it on the upper left side of her chest.


Joanna sat quietly on Uhura’s bed as the older woman curled her hair and swept the locks up into a delicate hairstyle, a few curls still cascading down her back.


Going to the mirror, Uhura took twice the time she normally did to apply her makeup.  Every lash was blackened by mascara; her eyelids covered smoothly and evenly with eye shadow; her lips tinted just a hint with the right lipstick; and her complexion, perfect.


“You look like a princess, Nyota,” Joanna whispered in awe.


Uhura smiled at the girl.  “Thank you, sweetie.”


Joanna grinned.  “That makes Daddy your prince.”


“Your daddy is a prince,” Uhura replied, tapping a single finger on Joanna’s nose.


“Do you think that Chekov will dance with me?” Joanna wondered out loud.  “I mean, I already promised Uncle Jim that I would dance with him.  But I wanna dance with Chekov, too.”


“I am sure that he will.  You just have to ask him.”


Joanna smiled and held her arms wide open for a hug.


Uhura obliged.


Joanna curled her arms around Uhura’s neck.  “Nyota, I want to be as pretty as you when I grow up.”


Uhura rubbed her back.  “You will, sweetie.  Your father is very handsome and your mother is very beautiful.  You’re going to break a lot of hearts.”


“…not Chekov’s right?”


“No no no, just the hearts that you want to break,” she chuckled.


“Okay, good.”  Joanna glanced at the clock.  “It’s time to go.”  She jumped down from Uhura’s arms and offered her a hand. 


Uhura took it and they left the room together.


“Daddy isn’t going to be able to take his eyes off you,” Joanna said, grinning at Uhura.




And McCoy couldn’t.


When she rounded the corner with his daughter he literally had to push his jaw back up.


Joanna detached herself from Uhura and ran into her father’s arms. 


“There’s my princess,” he said, scooping up his daughter.


The little girl laughed and shook her head.  “Nuh-uh.  Nyota is your princess.  Isn’t she just as pretty as one?”


He looked at Uhura and nodded.  “Yes she is, baby.”


Between the way Uhura looked and the way she was looking at him, he knew that the past week had to be a dream.  There was no possible way that he had reclaimed his daughter and become Nyota Uhura’s boyfriend.  That just didn’t seem possible.


“Uncle Jim!!” Joanna flew out of her father’s arms to greet Kirk.


Uhura stepped up to McCoy, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him for an uncommonly long time.


When she finally broke away he chuckled.  “Let’s skip the party.  All I need tonight is already in my arms.”


“Tempting, Leo. But I feel like we should at least put in an appearance.  Starfleet went to the trouble of throwing it for us.”


“Yeah, I suppose…”


“We can sneak off to the backroom and make out.”


“Cliché much?”


“Do you care?”


“Hell no.”




When they stepped inside the reception hall, most of the crew members and Starfleet personnel were already present.  Kirk and Joanna were dancing amidst the other couples on the dance floor (including Chapel and Malex); Spock was chatting with Admiral Pike; and Sulu and Chekov were finishing off a cheese platter.


McCoy took a step away from Uhura and offered her a hand.  “Would you like to dance?”


She placed her hand in his. “I would love to.”


He led her onto the dance floor and spun her into an embrace. 


Laughing, she rested her head against his as she closed the rest of the space between them.  “Yep, you can still dance.”


“…I wouldn’t forget something like that in a couple of days.”




Joanna finished dancing with her Uncle Jim and went over to the food table.  She squinted up her face as she attempted to figure out what to eat.


“Do you require assistance in determining which food to eat, Miss McCoy?” Spock asked as he too stepped up to the table.


“Well, Mr. Spock, it’s like this.  Uncle Jim told me to grab him an apple.  And that’s easy enough, but then I have to wonder, should I get an apple or a cookie?”


“Is it your desire to become a captain yourself, Miss McCoy?”


Joanna nodded.


“Then perhaps you should follow Jim’s lead and take the apple.”


“That makes a lot of sense.  You know, Uncle Jim says that he loves apples almost as much as he loves you.”  Joanna clapped a hand over her mouth.  “I’m sorry!  I wasn’t supposed to…okay bye.”  She turned around and ran back to Kirk, handing him an apple with a whole bunch of ‘I’m sorry’s.




An hour later, Uhura pulled on McCoy’s hand.  “Time to slip to the back room?”


He grinned.  “Yes please.”


The two of them subtly slipped through the back door of the hall, turning a sharp left to enter the tiny storage room.


However, a different couple had already beaten them to it.


Uhura smirked.  “Chekov.  Sulu.  Fancy seeing you here.”


Sulu chuckled.


Chekov turned bright red.


And that’s when Uhura noticed the shiny band of metal on Chekov’s finger.


“What the?!  Hikaru, did you...?”


Sulu shook his head furiously.  “No.  Oh God no.  Well, okay, kind of…”


“Ees promise ring,” Chekov interjected.


McCoy frowned.  “A what?”


“A promise ring,” Sulu repeated.  “Look, Joanna got me thinking.  While neither Pav nor I are ready to get married, there’s no way in hell I’m ever letting him go.  So, I asked him if he would marry me some day down the road.”


“That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard,” Uhura said, squeezing McCoy’s hand.


“We are sorry, did you vant zee room?” Chekov asked.


“No, it’s okay,” Uhura said.


“Yes,” McCoy mumbled.


Uhura gave McCoy a ‘let them have it, we’ll have plenty of time later’ look.  “You two have fun.  And semi-congratulations.”  She pulled on McCoy’s hand and led them back into the reception hall.


They literally made it ten steps back into the room when Jocelyn materialized in front of them.


“No. Fuck no,” McCoy said.  “Jocelyn, seriously, what are…”  He paused.  “This is private party, how did you get in here?”


Jocelyn crossed her arms and stared at Uhura.  “You.  You ruined everything.”


Uhura blinked.  “Excuse me?”


“Seriously, Jocelyn, get out before I have to call security.”


Jocelyn didn’t even acknowledge the comment from her ex-husband.  “You, Miss Nyota Uhura, have ruined it for me.  I came back here to mend my family, and you tore it apart.”


“Oh hell no,” Uhura replied.  “You are the one that divorced Leonard and ruined his reputation and kept his daughter from him.  And then, once he made a name for himself in the quadrant, you came running back for the fame.  Everyone can see through your plan, Jocelyn.  And why the hell do you keep coming back here to further embarrass yourself?  Are you surprised that Leo got Joanna?  You shouldn’t be, not after the way you neglected her.  You could’ve walked away from that retrial with a sense of dignity, but instead you just threw away every last ounce of self-respect.  Disgraceful.”  Uhura sighed and started pulling McCoy to the food table.


And then Jocelyn snapped.  “Oh no, missy, you do NOT walk away from Jocelyn Kelly.”  Jocelyn leapt forward ready to attack Uhura in some sort of ill-planned and counterproductive measure, but a punch to the jaw took the ex-wife to the floor.


Uhura and McCoy looked over at Chapel, who was massaging her hand, but looking very, very pleased with herself.


“Bitch, you do not attack my friend like that.”  Chapel cleared her throat.  “Security, please escort this trash out.”


“Oh my God, Chrissy!” Uhura laughed and threw her arms around her friend.  “What possessed you to do that?”


Chapel shrugged.  “I’ve wanted to do that since I met her.”


“Me too,” Kirk said, raising a hand.


“Though I understand part of the situation,” Admiral Pike inserted, “Captain Kirk, you must provide some sort of reprimand for your head nurse.”


“Oh, right,” Kirk replied, scratching the back of his neck.  “Okay, Nurse Chapel, I am ordering you to ten hour-long sessions with Dr. Malex to explore this anger problem that you have.”


Chapel had to restrain herself from kissing Kirk in gratitude.  Instead, she pursed her lips and shook her head.  “Understood, Captain.”


As security picked up Jocelyn, McCoy pressed a kiss to Uhura’s hand.  “I will be right back.”  He turned and ran after the security team.


“Excuse me, can I have a moment to speak to Miss Kelly?” he asked.  The security team nodded.  “Jocelyn,” he started, “Look, I want Joanna to respect and love her mother, but well, dammit, stunts like this aren’t going to gain you favor in her eyes.  Look at her;” he pointed to their daughter who was frowning and clinging to Spock’s waist, “she’s confused as to why you just did what you did.  Now, if you want, you can be an active part of Joanna’s life.  You can send her messages and see her on shore leave.  But if you’re uncertain that you want that, guess what, you’re still a very beautiful and young woman.  You’re in the prime of your life.  You can go out and find another husband, have another family…”  He shrugged.  “Or you can just have a series of crazy flings.  Personally, I don’t give a damn, but just go be happy.  Don’t dwell on this and let it consume you with crazy.  You were a smart, sexy, self-assured woman when I met you.  You should be her again.  Okay?”


McCoy couldn’t tell if his words made any impact.


Jocelyn nodded.  “I’m sorry, Leonard.  Goodbye.  Thank care of Joanna.”


“I will.”


And with that, Jocelyn Kelly walked out of the room.


McCoy felt a hand on his shoulder.  He turned to see Uhura smiling softly at him.  She placed a kiss on his cheek.  “Well done, Leo.”


He sighed and touched his forehead to hers.


Even now, Jocelyn managed to kill the wonderful mood of the night.


However, when Uhura traced her thumb over his bottom lip and then kissed him, he found himself responding eagerly: wrapping his arms around her and deepening the kiss.


Jocelyn no longer bothered him, because she was no longer part of his life.


His new life was here.  At Starfleet.  On the Enterprise.  With Sulu and Chekov and Scotty and Chapel and what the hell, Malex and Spock and Jim.  And Joanna.


And Nyota.




Nyota who had been so patient and wonderful throughout all of this shit.


Goddamn, if she could stick through all of this with him during their first week of being a couple, there was literally nothing that could stop them.


Then she oh-so-subtly grinded against his hips and McCoy completely forgot any memories of his night being interrupted by Jocelyn.


“I’m ready to get out of here,” she whispered.


“Let’s go,” he replied, offering her an arm and leading her out of the hall.


As they left, Kirk looked over to Admiral Pike.  “Sir, with all due respect, you’re not allowed to transfer either of them off of my ship.”


Pike smirked.  “I wouldn’t dare, Captain.”


Kirk nodded and then turned to pry Joanna off of Spock’s waist.  “Come on, Ensign. We have some schematics to go over in Mr. Spock’s quarters.”


“But come on,” Joanna protested, “I was going to explain the logic of Pretty Pretty Princess to Spock.”


Kirk snorted.  “Sorry, munchkin, you can play that game with Uncle Sulu, but we are definitely not playing that tonight.”

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