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Fic: The Doctor Is In [20/21]

October 21st, 2009 (05:24 pm)

Chapter Twenty of The Doctor Is In

Chapter Eighteen | Chapter Nineteen

The door to McCoy’s quarters had barely closed before Uhura fisted her hands in his dress uniform shirt and pulled him to her.


She pressed her lips up against his and kissed him deeply.  She didn’t take the proper amount of time to tease his lips with her tongue – a second after he parted his lips her tongue slid in, exploring all the corners of his mouth.


Besides the groan of surprise and contentment, McCoy responded by sliding his hands down her waist, down her hips, down her legs, before scooping her up and pushing her up against the wall.


Uhura grinned into the kiss as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed a hand into his hair.


He pulled out her bobby pins and hair ties and let her curls fall down her back.  Shifting his attentions to her neck, he whispered, “Good God, finally.”


She chuckled softly as she nipped at his ear.  “Worth the wait?”


“Mmm,” he grunted back before pulling them back from the wall and carrying her back over to his bed.  “Now where did I leave off?” he asked as he set her gently on the bed and climbed on top of her.  He kissed her neck, then her arm, then her fingers, and then finally moved over to her legs.  “Somewhere around here, I think.”  He put his lips to her knee and kissed slowly upwards, pushing her skirt up as he went.


She attempted to hasten the process by reaching down to pull her hem up, but he pushed her hand away.


“You tease,” she groaned as she relocated her hands into his hair.


He only smirked as he kissed up her thigh and placed a few along the edge of her panties.  Reaching forward, he hooked his fingers over the top, but then paused.


Uhura blinked at him.  “Well?”


“Hang on, I’m waiting for someone to knock on the door and interrupt us,” he replied.


She burst out laughing.  “That’s not funny.”


“Then why are you laughing?”


“Shut up.”  She smirked and slid out from under him.  “Unzip me, please.”


McCoy grumbled quietly over the dominance being shifted, but unzipped her dress.


Uhura stood up from the bed and silently pushed the fabric off her arms, letting the red satin dress slip from her frame and onto the floor.  This left her only in black lacy underwear as she climbed onto McCoy and kissed him.  He fumbled at his shirt hem but she slapped his hands away and deftly removed the shirt herself, running her hands over his bare chest.


“Nyota,” he murmured, “you were supposed to be first.”


She trailed tiny kisses down his chest as she undid his pants and slid them off.  “Yes, but it’s been longer for you.  I’m not letting you wait any longer.” 


“Yeah, but…”  His words were cut off by Uhura rubbing his cock over his boxers. 


Uhura grinned and pulled off the doctor’s black boxers. 


And then she grinned a little more.


She glanced up at him.  “Why the hell did you deny the female population this for so long?”


“Dammit, Nyota…”


That was all the prompting she needed to wrap her hand around him and start to slowly pump him.


She felt him tense underneath her, but slowly relax as her ministrations continued. 


Once he had grown hard enough in her hand, she slid back further on him, kissed the head of his cock, and then licked his entire length from base to head.


McCoy shuddered from her talented tongue, but also from the pleasing way her hair had fallen onto his naked torso.


She took him slowly into her mouth, savoring each glorious inch as she worked her way down.  Then she swirled her tongue around his cock and started sucking.


His hands flew into her hair, tightening around her curls as he attempted not to buck his hips up. 


Jesus, is this what he had been missing all those years?  He cursed himself for waiting so long…but then he remembered.  Up until a month ago, there would’ve been no way that it would’ve been with her.


And if it wasn’t going to be with her, what the hell was the point?


And then he felt it.


“Nyota…” he whispered quickly, feeling his orgasm building.


She squeezed his knee in response and kept going.


“Nyota…seriously…I’m going to…”


She squeezed harder as to say, ‘bring it on,’ and accompanied the squeeze with a long, gentle rake of her teeth along his cock.


He was coming even before he realized it.


He let out a string of curse words as he spilled into Uhura’s mouth.  And he felt awful about it.  Until she looked up at him and licked her lips deliberately.


“My God, what kind of amazing woman are you?”


She smirked as she crawled back up to meet his lips with hers.  “One of a kind.”


He smirked back and deepened the kiss.  “Now it’s my turn.”


After trailing his fingers slowly up her back, he reached behind her and deftly unhooked her bra. 


She grinned as she shrugged out of it, and he sent up a silent prayer for both what was in front of him and for remembering how to take off a woman’s bra.


He gently rolled her onto her back and started his exploration down her body, taking a long pause at her breasts.  Both nipples needed to be licked and sucked to a hard perfection before he considered his job on the upper half of her body to be complete.


Once that was done he finally made it back to her panties.


He hooked his fingers over the top and this time didn’t pause before sliding them down and tossing them into the pile on his floor.


“Goddamn, Nyota.  Has anyone told you how beautiful you are?”  He placed a finger to her clit and rubbed gently.


“Mmmm,” she moaned out in response.  “Once or twice.”


He shook his head.  “Someone should tell you every single goddamn minute of your life.”  He leaned down, placed a hot tongue over her folds, and licked her before spreading her open with his fingers.  “I’m certainly going to try and do that.”


He delved inside of her slowly, letting his tongue take all the time it needed to explore her and fight the initial contractions.


“Oh God, Leo!” she gasped as she gripped his hair with one hand and the sheets with another. 


He smirked a little, absolutely pleased with himself that he was able to pleasure her so much.


And the harder she gripped, the further he pushed in.


He was determined to drive her over the edge, make her come simply from the use of his tongue, but a quiet, “Leo, please,” stopped him.


“Leo, please.  All of you.  Now,” she whispered hurriedly.


“But don’t you want to…”


“Now,” she demanded.


Well, hell, he wasn’t going to deny her a request like that.


He quickly repositioned himself on top of her, stroked himself a few times to make sure that he was ready, and then with a searing kiss, pushed himself inside of her.


They moaned with contentment into each other’s mouths as they became one; Uhura quickly matching pace with McCoy’s thrusts.


He broke away from her lips and covered her neck with attention as he increased his pace.


Dear God, if he had thought that the blow job was amazing, he was absolutely overwhelmed by the feeling of making love.


Being inside of a woman again – no, being inside of her – well, now, that was a bliss that he couldn’t even have imagined about a month ago.


Uhura wrapped her legs around his waist and tilted her hips slightly so he could hit deeper; moaning his name a bit louder each time he did so.


Her moans drove him crazy: pushing him to thrust in harder and further each time.  He nipped and sucked on her neck, trying to decide whether or not she would kill him for leaving a hickey. 


“Leo,” she moaned, fingernails digging into his back.


He pulled himself almost completely out of her and then thrust in, biting on her shoulder.


And that was it.


Uhura’s walls clamped down around him as she climaxed, practically screaming his name as her orgasm ripped through her body and ended between her legs.


Her orgasm immediately triggered his own and he released inside of her; her name coming out as a throaty moan.


Once they were both done, he collapsed next to her, reluctantly pulling out and collecting her into his arms.


Panting, she smiled at him and pressed a lazy kiss to his forehead.  “You never answered me. Worth the wait?”


He could only nod; his head was still buzzing from the orgasm.


She snuggled against his chest and idly ran a hand over his torso.


Finally, he was able to form the words: “You’re incredible, Nyota.  Just incredible.  Are you certain that I’m good enough for you?”


“Mmmhmm,” she replied, kissing his torso.  “You’re everything that I need, Leo.”


He chuckled and pushed a stray curl out of her eyes.  “Thank you for waking me up.  Thank you for showing me that I could have real feelings for a woman again.  It would be hell to go through life all alone.”


She leaned up and kissed him deeply, running a hand over his face.  “It was my pleasure.  Really.”


“If there’s anything I can ever do to show you how much I care about you, you let me know.  And as long as it doesn’t end with my court martial, I’ll do it.”


“There is something,” she started.




She grinned wickedly at him.  “Last time I checked, you were up an orgasm.  I feel you should even that out, Doctor.”


He matched her grin.  “Aye, aye, Lieutenant,” he replied before making his way back down her body.

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