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Fic: The Doctor Is In [21/21]

October 21st, 2009 (05:28 pm)

Chapter Twenty-one of The Doctor Is In

Chapter Nineteen | Chapter Twenty

A week later, Uhura held Joanna’s hand as they stepped off the shuttle and into the Enterprise.


Luckily, Joanna hadn’t inherited her father’s aviophobia, and was practically bouncing during the entire ride back to the ship.


“Whoa,” Joanna said, clutching Spots and looking around the hanger deck.


Uhura laughed.  “Sweetie, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Come on, let’s go see your father.”


The two women made their way through the series of decks and lifts to one of the family suite quarters recently assigned to the McCoys.


Uhura reached the out and knocked on the door.  “It’s Nyota…”


“And Joanna!”


“…we’re here.”


The doors slid open and McCoy appeared to meet his daughter.  “Hey baby, have a good flight?”


Joanna giggled and jumped into her father’s arms.  “It was awesome!  The Enterprise is so pretty!”  She looked over her father’s shoulder and smiled.  “Sulu!  Spock!  Uncle Jim!  Chekov!  You’re all here!”


Kirk took Joanna from McCoy.  “You got it, munchkin.  Of course we were going to be here for you.  Come on, let me show you something.”  He carried Joanna into her bedroom off the left side of the suite.  “Check it out.”


She gasped and jumped out of her Uncle Jim’s arms.  “It’s like my room at home, but cooler cause it’s on the Enterprise.”


“I know, it’s pretty great.”


Sulu cleared his throat as he leaned on the doorframe.  “Mind sharing the credit?”


“Okay, fine,” Kirk conceded.  “Chekov made your bed, Sulu set up all of your toys, Spock put away all your clothes…”


“I arranged them by color and style, Miss McCoy.”


Joanna laughed as she pulled open a drawer.  “Cool.  Thanks, Spock!”


“And me,” Kirk continued, walking over her desk, “I set up your model Enterprise.”  He motioned to the small scale ship.


“Yeah,” Sulu grumbled, “we were doing all of the work and he was playing with toys.”


“I heard that, Mr. Sulu,” Kirk said while pointing out the McCoy suite on the ship.


“Nothing but respect for you, Captain,” Sulu replied.


Joanna went and rearranged just a few of the animals on her bed so that Spots could join the group.  “Thank you, Uncle Jim.  And thank you, Sulu and Chekov and Spock.  In fact, can you guys be my uncles too?”


Spock simply raised an eyebrow.


Kirk leaned down to Joanna’s level.  “Of course they can.  That’s your Uncle Hikaru, your Uncle Pav, and of course, Uncle Spock.”


Uhura could’ve sworn that she saw Spock’s eye twitch.


But then Joanna McCoy threw her arms around his waist in a hug and Spock actually let the briefest of smiles flicker over his lips.


“Miss McCoy, I believe that it would be wise if you were acquainted with the rest of the ship,” Spock replied.


“Oooo!  Will you take me, Spock?” Joanna gasped, already forgetting the uncle part.


“Excuse me,” Kirk butted in, “but last time I checked, I was the captain.  I should be giving the tours.”


Joanna glanced over at Chekov and Sulu.  “Can Uncle Hikaru and Un…Chekov come too?”


“Of course!” Sulu responded, taking Joanna by the hand and leading her towards the exit.  “We’re going to start with the botany bay.”


“That’s where plants live, right?”


Sulu beamed.  “I love this kid.”


“Ve ken all go,” Chekov said as he stepped into the hallway.  “You ken meet Mr. Scott and ze other crew members!”


McCoy grinned and went to follow the group of men and his daughter, but Uhura’s hand caught his and held him in place.


“We can catch up,” she said, squeezing his hand.  “I have a question for you.”


“Anything,” he replied, turning back to her, wrapping an arm around her, and kissing her sweetly.


She smiled and ran a hand up his arm.  “Your new quarters.  How did they manage to end up just down the hall from mine?”


He chuckled.  “Seriously?”




“I swear to God I had nothing to do with it.”


Uhura pursed her lips together.  “Kirk?”


“Definitely Kirk,” he chuckled.  “Though, I can’t say that I mind.”  He ran a hand through her hair.  “It’ll make our late-night rendezvous just that much easier.”


“What makes you so sure that those are going to happen?” she replied, a joking tone in her voice.


He pulled her up against him and kissed her neck.  “Because of the way you’ve been screaming it the last couple of nights.”


“Leonard McCoy, I swear to…”


McCoy stopped her words with a kiss.  “That, and, I’ve grown accustomed to you sleeping in the same bed as me.”  He kissed her again.  “I’m absolutely smitten with you, Nyota.”


She softened at his sincerity and deepened the kiss.  “And I with you, Leo.”


“So the way I see it,” he said, tracing a hand down her thigh, “we can either run and catch up with the group, or, while Joanna is having fun with her uncles, take advantage of her not being in the room.”


Less than a second later, Uhura was pulling McCoy into his bedroom.



Posted by: aliceanimator (aliceanimator)
Posted at: November 9th, 2009 05:35 am (UTC)

Words can not describe how much I enjoyed this story. I just loved the build up of love and affection btw bones and uhura in each chapter and was tickled to see johanna adding to the love. More ppl need to write long McCoy /Uhura fic like this!

Posted by: imamandajulius (imamandajulius)
Posted at: November 11th, 2009 01:29 am (UTC)

Oh my goodness, thank you so much!

I am so glad that you enjoyed it! I spent more than a month of my life on the story, and I'm just tickled to see so much positive response.

I agree, there needs to be more long Bones/Uhura fics. I keep hoping that I'll inspire people.

In the meanwhile, I'm writing a spin-off that's Chapel/Malex-centric, but talks about everyone else. After that, I have a few sequels in mind!

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