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Fic: Giving Thanks

November 25th, 2009 (05:30 pm)

Title: Giving Thanks
Author: imamandajulius
Rating : PG
Pairings: Winona/Pike
Summary: With Jim in space, Winona invites Christopher over for Thanksgiving.
Notes: Just a little fluffy Thanksgiving fun right before the holiday.

There were two things that Winona Kirk liked about her new teaching position at Starfleet: one, the ease of acquiring information about her son, his whereabouts, and his general well-being; and two, having an office down the hall from Christopher Pike.

She had always liked Christopher Pike. He was only a few years older than her and George, and he always looked out for them at Starfleet. He had even come to their wedding. She could remember him smiling up at them from the fourth row on George’s side. They hadn’t been close friends; but he was definitely an acquaintance that you could rely on. Any time.

Like when she landed back on Earth with her new baby son, Jim. Christopher was there to let her soak his shoulder with tears, and then help her decide to move back to Iowa permanently.

But, now that both Jim and Sam had ended up in space, there didn’t seem to be much point to sticking around the old farmhouse. She had kept it, sure, but her primary residence was a small townhouse by the bay.

A short knock was placed on her doorframe.

Winona?” asked Christopher from the hallway. “May I come in?”

Winona rubbed her face and looked up from her PADD. “Of course.”

Christopher wheeled himself into the room and smiled. “I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving before I headed out for the long holiday weekend.”

“Thank you, Christopher.” Winona glanced over at the holo on her desk: Sam and Jim when they were younger. “You know, this will be the first Thanksgiving in ten years that I haven’t seen either of my sons. It’s going to be…strange.”

And then she noticed Christopher glance down at his wheelchair and then back at her. “My sister is going to her husband’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Leaving me to eat an entire turkey myself.”

Winona smiled. He certainly was able to keep a positive spin on his more stationary life. “Well now, what a coincidence. I was going to eat an entire pumpkin pie myself.”

“That is a shame, Winona.”

She paused, glancing at the holo of her kids and then back to Christopher. “Would you like to come over to my place? It would certainly be better than both us spending the day alone.”

“I’d love to.”


Christopher brought the turkey over at 1500 hours and apologized for not cooking it the night before.

Winona glanced at her flour and eggs in a bowl and swore that she wouldn’t judge him.

After preparing everything and then either sticking it in the oven or the refrigerator, the two moved into the sitting room. Winona fell into her oversized armchair and Christopher took a place next to her. They quickly started talking about Jim, their days at the academy, whatever. When the topic of George came up, Winona excused herself and then returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

“And just why did you never get married, Admiral?” Winona asked after her third glass of wine.

“Mmm,” he replied into his wine glass. “I guess the job was my wife. I had eight hundred people to protect – who has time for a wife on top of that?”

She chuckled. “Still, you would’ve made a good husband.”

“Maybe. But George took the best girl in Starfleet.”

“You charmer! Are you sure that Jim isn’t yours?” she teased.

He laughed and shook his head. “I’m sure.”

“Though, you’re the first good male influence he’s had in his life.” She took another sip of wine and sighed. “And I take full responsibility for that. After George died, I didn’t want to marry another Starfleet officer. And that was my mistake. It was the men on Earth that disappointed me – not the ones in space. But I settled. I settled for the first man that would look at a woman with two boys that weren’t his.”

“You know, it is okay for us to make mistakes.”

“I know that. And looking back on it, I shouldn’t have rushed into another marriage. I just didn’t think that space was a good place to raise my children. Maybe it would’ve been better. Sam wouldn’t have run away and Jimmy wouldn’t have been a delinquent until the age of 22. Which, by the way, thank you.”

Christopher looked surprised. “Thank you for what?”

She smiled and patted his hand. “For giving my son a purpose in life. He’s a genius, but up until about three and a half years ago, he didn’t have a purpose. No matter what I suggested, he turned it down. So thank you for pushing the right buttons. I mean, a captain at 25? How could a mother be prouder?”

“Well, in turn, then, we should be thanking Jim.”

Winona raised an eyebrow. “How come?”

“Well, without Jim’s appointment to captain, I feel like his brilliant mother would not be in the classroom. And think of how many students would be missing out.”

She felt herself blush. “Christopher, you’re terrible.”

“I am not. I’m truthful.” He smiled and then swallowed the rest of his wine.

Winona wasn’t sure what prompted her to do it, but she leaned over the arm of her chair and placed a soft kiss on Christopher’s lips. “I should go check on the turkey,” she murmured as she pulled away. “I’ll be right back.” Then she rose from the chair and made a beeline for the kitchen as her cheeks flushed deeper.

As she pulled the pie from the oven and then checked on the turkey, she felt more justified in her action. He wasn’t married, he had helped her son, he was very handsome…and Starfleet men hadn’t let her down. Ever.

Before returning to the sitting room, Winona stopped in the bathroom to check on her hair.


Neither of them mentioned the kiss, and neither tried to create an encore.

It was back to conversation and subtle flirting that neither would admit to doing.

Once the turkey was finished, they took their seats at the table and mentioned what they were thankful for.

“My sons,” Winona said, holding up her glass of wine.

“The entire Kirk family,” Christopher replied, clinking his glass against hers.

She smiled and they both served themselves helpings of the turkey, cornbread, stuffing, and whatever else was in reach.

“You know,” Winona started as she formed her stuffing into a bowl, “Jim will be home for Christmas. He’s bringing Spock along for dinner. Unless you already have plans, I know that he would love to see you.”

He nodded. “Sounds great. I don’t have plans and I’d hate to miss those two while they were planet-side. I’ll make a salad. You know, so Spock doesn’t starve.”

Winona laughed, but was beginning to think that she had been hasty with that kiss.

That was, until Christopher took her hand under the table and squeezed it gently.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Christopher.”

“Happy Thanksgiving, Winona.”